Virtual Cooking Parties Overview

A Virtual Cooking Experience with Chef Anne!

The goal is to make this a fun, interactive experience exploring new recipes,
learning some new cooking techniques, and to share a “Happy Hour” together!

We ask that everyone participate and be on video. What does this mean? There are certain things you should do in advance:
a) Decide which device you wish to use for your Zoom experience: Install the Free Zoom app on your preferred device
b) Read all recipes and shop for ingredients 2 days prior to class
c) Clean & prepare your cooking space and gather all food & equipment needed
d) Make sure your tech is fully charged
e) Find a good position to set-up your device where you can see the screen and the screen can see you.

We will be using some audience management techniques. We may be asking you to use the Chat Feature, so know how to mute or unmute yourself and use the “raise your hand” feature when you have a question. Familiarize yourselves before our class begins.

1) Please have your items ready to go before logging on
2) If you want to pre-chop, pre-measure or prepare some of the ingredients in advance, you’re welcome to do so
3) Have your beverage of choice within reach. (This is very important!)
4) Feel free to bring a family member into the mix. The more the merrier!
5) Or just sit back and enjoy the show….we won’t judge!

I will attach the recipes & ingredients for your shopping list. Please review
well in advance of our event to purchase ingredients and collect your equipment needed for class. This is a GREAT excuse to sharpen your knives!

“Thank you so much for this Wonderful Family experience! In these “virtual” times it was so much fun to connect with family this way. Food is the Ingredient that binds us all together! The Menu was delicious, and the instruction was fun and engaging! I can’t wait for next time! Thank you Anne Apra!”

Alison L. , Los Angeles